2010-2011 Battle Book List

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BALLIETT THE WRIGHT 3: Calder, Petra, and Tommy join forces to save Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Robie House by solving the mystery of the strange events that keep happening there. (AL)
BARNETT THE CASE OF THE CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY:  A crime-fighting band of librarians accuse mystery fan, Steve Brixton, of being a private detective helping to sell America’s secrets.
BASKIN ANYTHING BUT TYPICAL: Jason and Rebecca become friends online at a story-sharing website called Storyboard, but when Jason discovers he will meet Rebecca in person at a Storyboard conference he fears she will be disturbed by his autistic behavior.
BLACKWOOD THE SHAKESPEARE STEALER:  What would you do if you had a special talent and an evil man wanted you to use that talent to betray your new friends? That’s the dilemma Widge faces when his master tells him to steal Shakespeare’s new play. (A)
BLUME TALES OF A FOURTH GRADE NOTHING:  Any fourth grader would agree that Peter Hatcher has a terrible problem – his 2-year-old brother. (A)
DAVIES THE LEMONADE WAR: When Evan learns that his younger sister Jessie, who is skipping the third grade, will be in his fourth-grade classroom, it sets off a battle to see who can earn the most money selling lemonade.
DUNCAN HOTEL FOR DOGS:   A plan to keep one stray dog in an empty house next door grows into something much bigger when many stray dogs need a place to live. Copyright 2008 edition only. (A)
ERDRICH THE BIRCHBARK HOUSE:   In 1847, on an island in Lake Superior, seven-year-old Omakayas cares for her family during a smallpox epidemic that takes many members of her Ojibwa tribe. (AL )
GANTOS JOEY PIGZA SWALLOWED THE KEY:   Joey knows he’s a good person; he just can’t help how wired up he gets, until he hurts someone other than himself. (A)
HAHN ALL THE LOVELY BAD ONES:   Corey and Travis decide to stir up interest in their grandmother’s inn by making it appear haunted, but their prank backfires with ghostly results.
LORD IN THE YEAR OF THE BOAR AND JACKIE ROBINSON:   It is 1947, and Jackie Robinson is everyone’s hero, including Shirley Temple Wong’s, who has just sailed from China to America with a heart full of dreams.
O’BRIEN MRS. FRISBY AND THE RATS OF NIMH:  When a widowed mouse seeks help from a group of rats known for doing strange things, she learns the truth about them and her dead husband. (A)
PARK A SINGLE SHARD:   In 12th century Korea, a young orphan accidentally destroys a piece of pottery and becomes an apprentice to one of the finest craftsmen in the village. (AL)
PEARSALL TROUBLE DONT LAST:   Samuel, a Kentucky slave, feels that trouble always seems to find him, but he learns what real trouble is when he tries to escape to Canada.
ROBINSON SAFE AT HOME:   After his father dies, Elijah and his mother move back to Harlem, where he struggles to make new friends and learns to play baseball.
SAGE MAGYK:   When an enemy learns she is a princess, Jenna is swept into hiding to protect her from the agents who killed her mother ten years earlier. (A )
SERVICE MY COUSIN THE ALIEN:   For years, Zack has humored his cousin Ethan who insisted that he was an alien prince in hiding, but when the two are attacked by men with otherworldly weapons, Zack begins to wonder if it’s true.
SNICKET THE BAD BEGINNING:   After their parents die in a tragic house fire, the three Beaudelaire children become wards of their evil cousin, Count Olaf, who will do anything in his power to steal their inheritance. (AL)
WILSON LEEPIKE RIDGE:   When Tom is washed downriver, his mother turns to archeological treasure hunters to search for her lost son in a series of underground caves. Tom must find his way from the caves and escape from ruthless men who want the ancient riches hidden within the caves.
WREDE DEALING WITH DRAGONS:   Rather than marry a foolish prince chosen by her parents, feisty Princess Cimorene runs off to become a fastidious dragon’s assistant. (A)
(A) – available in audio format
(L) – available in large print

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