2009-2010 Battle Book List

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BODETTWILLIWAW:  September and Ivan disobey their father by taking their boat on their Alaskan bay, where they are caught in a terrifying storm called a williwaw. (A)
CLEMENTSNO TALKING:  A noisy fifth grade class is unprepared for the consequences of their two-day, boys-against-girls, no-talking contest. (A, L)
COVILLEJENNIFER MURDLEY’S TOAD:  Can kissing a talking toad make Jennifer’s dream of being beautiful come true? (A)
CURTISBUD, NOT BUDDY:  In 1930’s Michigan, a young orphan decides to travel across the state to find his father. (A)
DAHLCHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY:  Five lucky children are allowed to see Willy Wonka’s amazing candy factory. (A)
FELDMANGOLLYWHOPPER GAMES:  Gil Goodson’s life has been miserable ever since his dad was accused of stealing from the Golly Toy and Game Company, but if he can solve the puzzles of the Gollywhopper Games that could all change.
GRAFFTHING ABOUT GEORGIE: Georgie thought he had adjusted to the problems caused by his dwarfism, but an announcement by his parents, a fight with his best friend, and a school project on presidents shake things up.
HAHN TIME FOR ANDREW:  A whole summer with his elderly great-aunt doesn’t sound too exciting until 11-year-old Drew travels eighty years back in time to trade places with his great-great uncle Andrew.
IBBOTSON SECRET OF PLATFORM 13:  Odge Gribble might be a young hag, perhaps not a very good hag, but she is determined to rescue the King and Queen’s stolen son once the platform between their island and London opens up. (L)
KEHRET SAVING LILLY:  Erinn Wrenn becomes determined to help Lilly, an abused circus elephant, who is about to be sold to a hunting preserve.
MCSWIGAN SNOW TREASURE:  Peter and his friends try to help smuggle Norway’s gold out of the country, right under the noses of the invading German troops. (A)
PARK KITE FIGHTERS:  In 1473 Korea, Young-sup has a special talent for flying kites and is determined to win the New Year kite fighting competition. (A)
PITCHFORD BIG ONE-OH:  In anticipation of his tenth birthday, Charley tries to come up with a theme, a cake and some friends to help him celebrate. (A)
RASKIN WESTING GAME:  Sixteen weird and wacky characters plot to inherit Sam Westing’s fortune while trying to find out who killed him. (A, L)
SANDERSON ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS:  Alcatraz has a talent for breaking things. Now he must use this talent to save the world. (A)
SKURZYNSKI HUNTED:  While Jack and Ashley’s mom tries to find out why grizzly cubs are disappearing, the kids find themselves face-to-face with an enraged mother grizzly.
SONNENBLICK DODGER AND ME:  Willie Ryan has several problems, but how is a genie-like blue chimpanzee going to help him? (A)
STEVENSON TREASURE ISLAND:  Sail away with young Jim Hawkins to fight scurvy pirates and hunt for buried treasure! (A)
URBAN CROOKED KIND OF PERFECT:  When Zoe gets an organ instead of the piano she wants, she ends up finding joy in things that aren’t exactly perfect. (A)
WILES AURORA COUNTY ALL-STARS:  House Jackson confronts secrets and betrayals in his hometown, while wondering whether his annual baseball game will be cancelled because of the Independence Day pageant. (A)

(A) – available in audio format
(L) – available in large print

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