2008-2009 Battle Book List

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AVI POPPY AND RYE: Join Poppy the deer mouse on her series of adventures as she travels to find the golden mouse family and help them defeat the beavers who have dammed the brook and flooded the mouse family's home. (A)
BIRNEY FRIENDSHIP ACCORDING TO HUMPHREY: Humphrey is back, helping his classmates navigate the roads of friendship, even though he’s having his own problems making friends with the new classroom pet.
BYARS WANTED: MUD BLOSSOM: There is never a dull moment with the Blossom family. This time they decide to hold a trial for their dog, Mud, when the classroom hamster Junior is responsible for goes missing.
COLLINS GREGOR THE OVERLANDER: Gregor is resigned to a boring summer of looking after his 2-year-old sister, but instead finds himself in an underground world, where his presence triggers an epic battle and sends him on a quest to find his missing father. (A, L)
CORBETT FREE BASEBALL: All Felix knows about his dad, a Cuban baseball superstar, is that he risked everything to send Felix and his mother to America. But when he is mistaken for a batboy for a minor league team, Felix has the opportunity to learn more.
COULOUMBIS MISADVENTURES OF MAUDE MARCH: In 1869, Sallie and her sister Maude, recently orphaned for a second time, set off to find their uncle and instead find themselves mixed up with murder, robbery and gangsters. (A)
GEORGE CHARLIE’S RAVEN: Following the Teton Sioux Indian belief that ravens can cure illnesses, Charlie captures and raises a baby raven, hoping that it will help his grandfather recover from a heart attack. (A)
GIFF PICTURES OF HOLLIS WOODS: Hollis Woods is in yet another foster home, but even though this time she wants to stay, she can’t stop thinking about her last home. (A)
GLEITZMAN TOAD RAGE: Limpy, a young cane toad, is horrified that people will go out of their way to kill his relatives, so he embarks on a mission to spread goodwill.
GUTMAN GET RICH QUICK CLUB: Gina is determined to make a million dollars in one summer. With an unusual group of friends, she cooks up a far-fetched idea guaranteed to succeed. (A)
HELGERSON HORNS AND WRINKLES: In order to save her aunt and uncle after they turn to stone, Claire joins forces with her bully of a cousin and three River Trolls in the hopes of defeating a dangerous Rock Troll. (A)
JUSTER PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH: Bored, Milo drives through the mysterious tollbooth he receives and finds himself in a world with many crazy characters but no Rhyme or Reason. (A)
KEHRET GHOST’S GRAVE: When Josh is sent off to live with a distant relative for the summer, he expects to be bored. Instead he finds himself helping a ghost and solving a crime.
KLAUSE ALIEN SECRETS: :While on her way to the planet Shoon to join her parents, Puck befriends an alien who has lost an important treasure. Can they find the thief and recover the treasure before the thief discovers what they're up to? (A)
KONIGSBURG FROM THE MIXED-UP FILES OF MRS. BASIL E. FRANKWEILER: When Claudia decides to run away she wants to run to somewhere, but her decision to hide in a New York museum leads to a mystery. (A, L)
LEVINE DAVE AT NIGHT: In order to make life at the Hebrew Home for Boys tolerable, Dave escapes at night to discover the music and culture-filled world of the Harlem Renaissance and discovers the value of friendship. (A, L)
LORD RULES: Catherine has a lot of rules for her autistic brother, but after becoming friends with a paraplegic boy, she learns that her rules just may be excuses. (A, L)
MOREY GENTLE BEN: Can Mark Andersen save his best friend Ben from people who don't think an Alaskan brown bear could ever be gentle?
RYAN RIDING FREEDOM: Raised in a grim orphanage for boys, Charlotte "Charley" Parkhurst runs away and makes a successful and interesting life for herself disguised as a boy.
WILES LOVE, RUBY LAVENDER: When her grandmother leaves on an open-ended vacation, Ruby is left to cope with kidnapped chickens, a new friend and an old enemy without her. (A)

(A) – available in audio format
(L) – available in large print

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