2004-2005 Battle Book List

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BRADY TOLIVER'S SECRET: Ten-year-old Ellen Toliver disguises herself as a boy to cross enemy lines and help the patriots during the American Revolutionary War.
BYARS NOT-JUST-ANYBODY FAMILY: The unique Blossom family includes Junior, who tries to fly, Vern, who breaks INTO jail, and Pap, who is arrested for dumping beer cans into the street. (A)
CLEMENTS FRINDLE: When he decides to turn his fifth grade teacher's love of the dictionary around on her, clever Nick Allen invents a new word and begins a chain of events that quickly moves beyond his control. (A)
COHEN THANK YOU, JACKIE ROBINSON: Sam and Davy can't be more different, but they have one huge thing in common: the Dodgers. Watch their friendship grow in this moving story.
COVILLE MONSTERS OF MORLEY MANOR: When all the contents of Morley Manor are sold, Anthony ends up with a box of miniature monsters who come to life. Good thing too, since they're the only ones who can save the Earth.
DAHL CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY: Willy Wonka lets just five children into his amazing candy plant, and lucky Charlie is one of them. (A)
FLEISCHMAN JIM UGLY: After the burial of Jake's father, all that Jake has left is his father's wolf-like dog, Jim Ugly. But is Jake's father really dead? Jim Ugly doesn't think so. (A)
GILSON THIRTEEN WAYS TO SINK A SUB: The war is on: it's the boys against the girls to see who can be first to make the substitute teacher cry.
HAHN WAIT TILL HELEN COMES: In this spooky story, Molly and Michael discover their stepsister, Heather, has befriended the ghost of a dead girl. But what does the ghost want with Heather?
HIAASEN HOOT: Roy's determination to discover more about a boy he sees running barefoot leads him to a construction site that will destroy a colony of burrowing owls. (A, L)
HOBBS JACKIE'S WILD SEATTLE: Shannon and her younger brother Cody plan to spend the summer with their uncle in Washington, and find themselves involved in a wildlife rehabilitation center.
McMULLAN HAVE A HOT TIME, HADES!: Hades is shocked to discover that the Greek myths present his brother, Zeus, as a hero, so he sets the record straight.
NAYLOR SHILOH : The gripping story of a mountain boy's love for a dog he is hiding from its vicious owner. (A)
NEWMAN CASE OF THE BAKER STREET IRREGULAR: With the help of Sherlock Holmes and the children called the Baker Street Irregulars, Andrew Craigie seeks to discover the mystery surrounding his life.
PARK SINGLE SHARD : In 12th century Korea, a young orphan accidentally destroys a piece of pottery, and becomes an apprentice to one of the finest craftsmen in the village. (A, L)
REEDER SHADES OF GRAY: The Civil War is over, but twelve-year-old Will Page has lost all of his family. How can he live with his Uncle Jed, whom Will considers a coward and a traitor to the Confederacy? (A)
SACHAR HOLES : Stanley Yelnats did not come from a lucky family, so when a pair of sneakers drops on him from out of nowhere, he thinks his luck is about to change. Indeed it is, but digging holes in the blistering Texas sun is not what he had in mind. (A, L)
SMITH THUNDER CAVE: After his mother's death, Jacob's step-father wants to send him to relatives in Nebraska, so Jacob sets out to find his father in Kenya instead and encounters a dangerous ring of poachers.
STEIG ABEL'S ISLAND: In this Newbery honor book, a cultured mouse named Abel finds his resourcefulness and endurance tested to the limit as he struggles to survive and to find a way back to his dear wife, Amanda. (A)
WREDE DEALING WITH DRAGONS: Rather than marry a foolish prince chosen by her parents, feisty Princess Cimorene runs off to become a fastidious dragon's assistant in this fresh, funny, favorite fantasy. (A)

(A) - available in audio format
(L) - available in large print

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