2003-2004 Battle Book List

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BANKS INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD (1985): The noise coming from the cupboard woke Omri up. When he opened the cupboard, Omri's toy Indian was missing. Or was he? (A)
BODETT WILLIWAW: September and Ivan disobey their father by taking their boat on the Alaska bay, where they are caught in a terrifying storm called a williwaw. (A)
BOSTON CHILDREN OF GREEN KNOWE (1983): A lonely boy named Tolly makes friends with the children of Green Knowe, who lived centuries before. (A)
BURNFORD INCREDIBLE JOURNEY (1993): Wishing to return home to his beloved owner, a young Labrador retriever leads a Siamese cat and an aging bull terrier on a 250-mile trek through the Canadian wilderness. (A)
DAHL MATILDA (1991): Is Matilda genius enough to outwit the evil, terrifying headmistress of the school? You'll find out in this wacky adventure!
DeJONG WHEEL ON THE SCHOOL (1982): Why did the storks no longer come to the little Dutch village of Shora to nest? Can Lina and her friends bring them back?
EAGER HALF MAGIC (1995): Wouldn't it be great to have a magic coin that granted your every wish? But what if it only granted half of each wish? (A)
FRITZ HOMESICK: MY OWN STORY (1986): You'll laugh and cry as you read this fascinating autobiography of an American girl who spent her childhood in China during a turbulent period in the 1920s. (L)
GANTOS JOEY PIGZA SWALLOWED THE KEY: Joey knows he's a good person, but he just can't helped how wired up he gets, until he finally hurts someone other than himself. (L,A)
HADDIX RUNNING OUT OF TIME (1998): When an epidemic hits her village in 1840, 13-year-old Jessie discovers it is actually a 1996 tourist site under observation by heartless scientists. Can Jessie save the village children's lives? (A)
HAHN TIME FOR ANDREW (1996): A whole summer with his elderly great-aunt doesn't sound too exciting until 11-year-old Drew travels eighty years back in time to trade places with his great-great uncle Andrew.
HUNTER A STRANGER CAME ASHORE (1984): Is the handsome stranger who had almost drowned really a shipwrecked sailor, or is he the Selkie King? (A)
IBBOTSON THE SECRET OF PLATFORM 13: Odge Gribble might be a young hag, perhaps not a very good hag, but she is determined to rescue the King and Queen's stolen son once the platform between their island and London opens up. (L)
KEHRET NIGHTMARE MOUNTAIN (1999): While visiting her aunt and uncle's llama ranch in Washington state, Molly and her cousin struggle to survive both a dangerous thief and an avalanche.
KORMAN THE CHICKEN DOESN'T SKATE: Milo's science project, Henrietta the chicken, goes off course when Henrietta suddenly becomes the hockey team's mascot and their only hope for a winning season. (A)
LASKY NIGHT JOURNEY (1990): In a story within a story, her great-grandmother tells Rachel about her family's dramatic escape from the Czar's soldiers.
LAWSON BEN AND ME (1981): The life of Benjamin Franklin, delightfully narrated by his good friend and cohort Amos, a mouse. (A)
NAYLOR BEETLES, LIGHTLY TOASTED (1992): Fifth grader Andy Moller will do anything to win a contest to see who can create the most unusual recipe, even if it means serving beetles, lightly toasted.
RASKIN THE WESTING GAME (1994): Join sixteen weird and wacky characters as they plot to inherit Sam Westing's fortune and find out who did the old boy in. (L,A)
ROBERTSON HENRY REED'S BABY-SITTING SERVICE (1988): Henry and his friend Midge go into baby-sitting business in Grover's Corner and their clients provide a string of hilarious problems.
SMITH THE CAPTAIN'S DOG: Seaman the dog recounts his adventures with Lewis and Clark as they look for the Northwest Passage.
TAYLOR THE TROUBLE WITH TUCK (1989): Helen works against all odds to provide her blind dog with a guide dog of his own. (A)
WHELAN ONCE ON THIS ISLAND (1997): Long before there were fudge shops and the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island was home to brave American settlers like Mary, who tried to protect her family's farm during the War of 1812.
WILDER LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE (1980): This classic story of frontier life is one of a series describing the triumphs and tragedies of the Ingalls clan.
WRIGHT THE DOLLHOUSE MURDERS (1987): Amy is fascinated by the old dollhouse in the attic, but she is frightened also. What are the dolls trying to tell her? (A)

(A) - available in audio format
(L) - available in large print

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