2002-2003 Battle Book List

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AVI POPPY AND RYE: Join Poppy the deer mouse on her series of adventures as she travels to find the golden mouse family and help them defeat the beavers who have dammed the brook and flooded the mouse family's home. (A)
BYARS MCMUMMY: Taking care of a greenhouse is not that strange of a job for Moxie and Batty, until the gigantic, human-shaped pod starts to hum. Hmmmmmm. (A)
COTTONWOOD QUAKE!: Frannie's reunion with old pal Jennie turns into an earthshaking adventure as they try to survive the earthquake which hit California during the '89 World Series.
COVILLE JENNIFER MURDLEY'S TOAD: Can kissing a tough-talking toad named Buffo make plain, insecure Jennifer's fondest wish come true? (A)
DICAMILLO BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE: The moment you meet Winn-Dixie you will be swept up into Opal's world of Naomi, Florida as she struggles to learn some things about the mother who left her. (A, L)
ERDRICH THE BIRCHBARK HOUSE: The mystery of why Omakayas survives the smallpox epidemic that takes many members of her tribe and family is richly told in this based-on-fact novel. (A, L)
FITZGERALD THE GREAT BRAIN: Who else could come up with a plan to save friends lost in a cave, or charge the neighbors to see the very first flush toilet in all of Aldenville? Why, none other than "The Great Brain!" (A, L)
FLEISCHMAN THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR: When Bud's sister disappears, he follows her through time and ends up in the 17th century dealing with pirates and a young girl accused of witchcraft. (A)
GUTMAN MILLION DOLLAR SHOT: Eleven-year-old Eddie wins a chance to sink a basketball at the NBA Finals for one million dollars. The company sponsoring the shot wants Eddie to miss it.
KEHRET TERROR AT THE ZOO: Ellen and Corey's birthday present - an overnight camp-out at the zoo - becomes a nightmare when they are locked in with an escaped criminal!
LEVINE DAVE AT NIGHT: In order to make life at the Hebrew Home for Boys tolerable, Dave escapes at night to discover the music and culture-filled world of the Harlem Renaissance, but does not bargain on discovering the value of friendship. (A, L)
MCCLOSKEY HOMER PRICE: Which is the funniest Homer Price chapter? The Case of the Sensational Scent? The Case of the Cosmic Comic? But what about the diamonds in the doughnuts? (A)
MOREY GENTLE BEN: Can Mark Andersen save his best friend Ben from people who don't think an Alaskan brown bear could ever be gentle?
NAMIOKA YANG THE YOUNGEST AND HIS TERRIBLE EAR: Even after four years of lessons, Yingtao is a terrible violinist. He would much rather play baseball than the violin, but how can he tell his musical family?
PECK SOUP: Life is full of fun and adventure when you have a friend like Soup. Written in timeless humor these autobiographical stories about growing up in rural Vermont during the 1920's still entertain. (A)
RYAN RIDING FREEDOM: Raised in a grim orphanage for boys, Charlotte "Charley" Parkhurst runs away and makes a successful and interesting life for herself disguised as a boy.
SPINNER BE FIRST IN THE UNIVERSE: While staying with their hippie grandparents, twins Tod and Tessa find an unusual store run by Gemini Jack, who is looking for a pair of evil twins to save his planet.
WALLACE PEPPERMINTS IN THE PARLOR: A gothic mystery for young readers about the strange goings-on in Mrs. Meeching's eerie house. (A)
WALLACE A DOG CALLED KITTY: Despite his deep fear of dogs, Ricky cannot let a stray pup starve, and a strange friendship develops. (A)
WOODRUFF DEAR NAPOLEON, I KNOW YOU'RE DEAD BUT: Marty has a class assignment to write to a famous person, and even though he's dead, Napoleon Bonaparte has some fascinating answers to Marty's many questions.
(A) - available in audio format
(L) - available in large print

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