1999-2000 Battle Booklist

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CAROL RYRIE BRINKCADDIE WOODLAWN: Caddie, a brave and mischievous 11 year old, has many exciting adventures on the western frontier of Wisconsin.
BETSY BYERSWANTED: MUD BLOSSOM: There is never a dull moment at the Blossoms, especially when their dog Mud goes on trial for "terminating" the school hamster. Is Mud really guilty?
SUSAN COOPERTHE BOGGART: What happens when a centuries-old, invisible house spirit gets mixed-up with a modern Canadian family, and computers? Lots of fun, excitement, and even some danger, that's what.
SID FLEISHMANJIM UGLY: After the burial of Jake's father, all that Jake has left is his father's wolf-like dog, Jim Ugly. But is Jake's father really dead? Jim Ugly doesn't think so.
MARY DOWNING HAHNWAIT TIL HELEN COMES: Things go from bad to worse when Molly and Michael discover that their stepsister Heather is talking to the ghost of a dead girl. What does the ghost want with Heather?
MARGUERITE HENRYMISTY OF CHINCOTEAGUE: This Newbery Honor book tells the story of two wild ponies and the boy and girl who want to own and tame them.
WILL HOBBSBEARSTONE: With the help of a strange old man, Cloyd learns to accept himself and his Ute Indian heritage while struggling to survive in the Colorado Rockies.
DICK KING-SMITHMARTIN'S MICE: Who would ever believe that a cat would prefer to keep mice as pets instead of eating them? Meet Martin, a very special cat.
LOIS LOWRYNUMBER THE STARS: In German-occupied Denmark, Annemarie and her parents are risking their lives to help a Jewish family escape to Sweden. Will they succeed?
ROBERT C. O'BRIENMRS. FRISBY AND THE RATS OF NIMH: A widowed mouse with problems goes to visit a group of rats known for doing strange things and learns the truth about them and her dead husband. Newbery Medal winner in 1972.
J.K. ROWLINGHARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE: What secrets have Harry Potter's nasty aunt and uncle been keeping from him ever since he was left on their doorstep as a baby? Now Harry is about to find out, and it will change his life forever.
IVY RUCKMANNIGHT OF THE TWISTERS: When a series of deadly tornadoes devastate his Nebraska town one night, Dan, his baby brother, and his friend Arthur are caught up in a nightmare that is all too real.
ALFRED SLOTEFINDING BUCK MCHENRY: Jason, a Little League catcher, is convinced that school custodian Mack Henry is in reality Buck McHenry, a legendary pitcher in the Negro League. Is he right?
GLORIA WHELANONCE ON THIS ISLAND: Long before there were fudge shops and the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island was home to brave American settlers like Mary, who tried to protect her family's farm during the War of 1812.
ELIZABETH WINTHROPCASTLE IN THE ATTIC: After receiving a mysterious model castle from his soon to be ex-nanny, William finds himself in another land and time, where a fiery dragon and an evil wizard are waiting for him.

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