1998-1999 Battle Books

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AIKEN WOLVES OF WILLOUGHBY CHASE: Braving wicked wolves, Bonnie arrives at Willoughby Chase only to be menaced by an evil governess. She and her cousin, Sylvia, battle awful Miss Slighcarp and her sister, Mrs. Brisket, in this rollicking Victorian adventure.
ARMSTRONG SOUNDER: The Newbery award winning story of Sounder, a coon dog, who together with the young son of a poor sharecropper, protects the family during the year the father must spend on the chain gang.
BEATTY CHARLEY SKEDADDLE: On the city streets, 12-year-old Charley never ran from a fight. On the Civil War battlefield, he ran for his life. An old mountain woman teaches him the true meaning of courage.
BYARS THE NOT JUST ANYBODY FAMILY: The unique Blossom family includes Junior, who tries to fly, Vern, who breaks INTO jail, and Pap, who is arrested for dumping beer cans into the street.
BRITTAIN DR. DREDD'S WAGON OF WONDERS: The good folks of Coven Tree, desperate for rain, make a pact with the frightening Dr. Dredd. Can Calvin and Ellen save the town and Bufu the Rainmaker?
CLEARY THE MOUSE AND THE MOTORCYCLE: When Keith lets a mouse named Ralph ride his toy motorcycle, the results spell both fun and trouble for them and a good read for you!
COHEN THANK YOU, JACKIE ROBINSON: Sam and Davy can't be more different, but they have one huge thing in common: the Dodgers. Watch their friendship grow in this moving story.
COLLIER JUMP SHIP TO FREEDOM: In this second exciting book of the Arabus Family Saga, young Daniel Arabus must escape from the master who has cheated his mother and him of their freedom, and find a way to make them free.
COOPER THE DARK IS RISING: In this dramatic fantasy, young Will Stanton learns a secret on his eleventh birthday that changes his life forever and puts him right in the middle of the eternal conflict between good and evil.
CORBETT THE LEMONADE TRICK: Kirby's experiments with his chemistry set have some unexpected results, and he finds out that being perfect and good isn't all it's cracked up to be.
DAHL MATILDA: Is Matilda genius enough to outwit the evil, terrifying headmistress of the school, Miss Trunchbull? Can Matilda's mind overcome Trunchbull's enormous matter? You'll enjoy this wacky adventure.
ENRIGHT FOUR STORY MISTAKE: Moving from New York City to the country is quite a change for the Melendy family. Randy's meeting the alligator in the policeman's bathtub is just the beginning of the children's many adventures.
FARLEY THE BLACK STALLION: Is it possible to tame the wind? Alec Ramsay, shipwrecked on a desert island with a magnificent wild stallion, is determined to find out.
GILSON THIRTEEN WAYS TO SINK A SUB: The war is on: It's the boys against the girls to see who can be first to make the substitute teacher cry.
HUNTER THE MERMAID SUMMER: Anna and Jon must battle the dangerous mermaid so their grandfather can come home.
KEHRET NIGHTMARE MOUNTAIN: While visiting her aunt and uncle's llama ranch in Washington state, Molly and her cousin struggle to survive both a dangerous thief and an avalanche.
KJELGAARD BIG RED: In this moving, action-packed tale of a boy and a dog, Danny and Big Red risk their lives to stop a killer grizzly bear.
L'ENGLE A WRINKLE IN TIME: Tesseract with Charles Wallace, Meg Murray and Calvin O'Keefe in this Newbery medal book that cleverly blends science fiction, fantasy, time travel and ESP.
LINGREN RONIA, THE ROBBER'S DAUGHTER: Ronia's best friend Birk is the son of her father's worst enemy. Ronia and Birk have many adventures as they try to knock some sense into their stubborn fathers' heads
LOWRY ANASTASIA KRUPNIK: Meet the much misunderstood, funny Anastasia and she will be on YOUR list of things you like most.
NEWMAN THE CASE OF THE BAKER STREET IRREGULARS: With the help of Sherlock Holmes and children called the Baker Street Irregulars, Andrew Craigie seeks to discover the mystery surrounding his life.
NORTON THE BORROWERS: When Arietty Clock, one of a family of miniature people, is spotted by a regular-sized boy, disaster follows. Can the Clock family escape to a new life?
PATERSON THE GREAT GILLY HOPKINS: Gilly is a rebellious, unmanageable, but lovable foster child looking for a place to call home and people to call family.
ROBINSON BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER: Feared by every child in school, what will happen when the Herdman kids decide to participate in the church Christmas play?
SELDEN THE CRICKET IN TIMES SQUARE: Can Chester the Cricket, Tucker Mouse, and Harry the Cat help their friend Mario save his parents' newsstand from bankruptcy? Read this engaging tale and find out.
SLOATE HANG TOUGH, PAUL MATHER: Twelve-year-old Paul is determined to continue playing baseball in spite of the fact that he has leukemia.
STEIG ABEL'S ISLAND: In this Newbery Honor book, a civilized mouse named Abel finds his resourcefulness and endurance tested to the limit as he struggles to survive and to find a way back to his dear wife Amanda.
TAYLOR ROLL OF THUNDER, HEAR MY CRY: Follow Cassie and her family through a year of triumphs and trials as they struggle against hard times and racial prejudice.
THOMASMA NAYA NUKI: GIRL WHO RAN: Can Naya Nuki survive the hostile wilderness as she tries to return to her own people?
WILDER THE LONG WINTER: Winter lasts for seven months with little contact with the outside worked and the very real threat of starvation in this volume from the Little House series.

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