1997-1998 Battle Booklist

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ALEXANDER THE BOOK OF THREE : Taran sets out with some strangely assorted companions to save his beloved land. Book one of the Prydain series.
BELLAIRS THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALL : Can Lewis outwit the evil sorcerer who plans to destroy the world with his doomsday clock?
BURNETT SECRET GARDEN : The classic story of a lonely and unhappy girl who blooms in the freedom of the outdoors when she discovers a neglected garden and makes new friends.
BYARS THE BURNING QUESTIONS OF BINGO BROWN : The most burning question of all will be, "Can you keep from laughing right out loud?" as you share the joys and problems of this middle school hero.
CHRISTOPHER THE WHITE MOUNTAINS : Will and his friends are trying desperately to escape from the Tripods - creatures who want to control their minds.
CLEARY HENRY HUGGINS : Henry felt nothing interesting ever happened to him. Then he meets Ribsy, a stray dog, and embarks upon the most exciting year of his life.
COOPER OVER SEA, UNDER STONE : The first book in an exciting fantasy series dealing with ancient magic and the eternal battle between good and evil.
DEFELICE WEASEL : Nathan meets evil in the form of Weasel, a cruel Indian killer who stalks him in the Ohio woods. Can Nathan escape? Read and find out.
DENZEL BOY OF THE PAINTED CAVE : Driven out by his clan, young Tao struggles to survive alone in this action-filled story that takes place in the age of the woolly mammoth.
FITZGERALD THE GREAT BRAIN : The first in a series about Tom Fitzgerald, the scheming "Great Brain" who keeps things lively in turn-of-the-century Utah.
FLEISCHMAN MR. MYSTERIOUS & COMPANY : When a family of magicians travels across the Western plains in the 1880s, they need all their tricks to outwit the Badlands Kid and survive their adventures.
HADDIX RUNNING OUT OF TIME : When an epidemic hits her village in 1840, 13-year-old Jessie discovers it is actually a 1996 tourist site under observation by heartless scientists. Can Jessie save the village children's lives?
HAHN STEPPING ON THE CRACKS : While attempting to get even with Gordy, the worst bully in the sixth grade, Margaret and Elizabeth discover a shocking secret that turns their lives upside down.
HO THE CLAY MARBLE : Dara is among thousands to flee from war-torn Cambodia during 1980 to a refugee camp near Thailand. Will she be reunited with the people she loves?
HUNTER A STRANGER CAME ASHORE : Is the handsome stranger who had almost drowned really a shipwrecked sailor or is he the Selkie King?
JOHNSON THE GRIZZLY : David is afraid to go camping with his rugged outdoorsman father whom he barely remembers. But even his father is no match for the huge grizzly bear they encounter.
KONIGSBURG FROM THE MIXED UP FILES OF MRS. BASIL E. FRANKWEILER : If you've ever thought about running away, you can share the experience of two children who hide out in a museum.
LEWIS THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE : Can Lucy, her brothers and sister free the land of Narnia from the spell of the White Witch?
MIKAELSEN STRANDED : Can 12-year-old Koby, a girl with a disability, save the lives of two injured pilot whales near her home in the Florida Keys?
MONTGOMERY ANNE OF GREEN GABLES : Anne Shirley has been charming readers all over the world for many years. Read the first book of the series about this delightful orphan and discover why.
MORPURGO WAITING FOR ANYA : Jo has stumbled onto a dangerous secret: a reclusive widow's farm has become a haven for a growing band of Jewish children hiding from the Nazis in France during World War 11. Will German soldiers find out?
MOWAT OWLS IN THE FAMILY : Who would have thought that two pet owls could turn a household upside down, put a whole town in an uproar, and scare two bullies out of town?
PARK MY MOTHER GOT MARRIED AND OTHER DISASTERS : Can Charlie adjust to his new stepfather when he still has not adjusted to his parents' divorce? Read this very funny, very poignant book and find out.
RAWLS WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS : A heartwarming tale of adventure and love between ten-year-old Billy and his two coon hounds, Old Dan and Little Ann.
REEDER SHADES OF GRAY : The Civil War is over, but twelve-year-old Will Page has lost all of his family. How can he live with his uncle Jed, whom Will considers a coward and a traitor to the Confederacy?
ROBERTS THE GIRL WITH THE SILVER EYES : Katie can make things move just by thinking about them. She'll have you turning the pages right to the end!
SMITH THE WAR WITH GRANDPA : Declaring war on his own grandfather isn't easy for Peter, especially when Grandpa fights back.
TAYLOR THE CAY : When their boat is torpedoed by a German sub during World War II, a young white boy and an old black sailor learn to survive and respect each other on a remote Caribbean island.
WINTERFELD DETECTIVES IN TOGAS : Who would expect to arrive at school and find the teacher bound and gagged? That is only one of the strange things that happen when a group of boys in ancient Rome try to save a friend from disaster.
WRIGHT THE DOLLHOUSE MURDERS : Amy is fascinated by the old dollhouse in the attic, but she is frightened also. What are the dolls trying to tell her?

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