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Business-Midland New Year, New Owners (Lapelle's Flowers) A1 1-Jan-2004
Fire-Midland County Homeowners Take Stock After Fire (Stinsons) A3 1-Jan-2004
Sports-Midland A Year to Remember: Northeast Little League Leads Top 10 A5 1-Jan-2004
Crime Brawl at Tri-City Motor Speedway A1 2-Jan-2004
Military Michigan Soldiers Asks for School Supplies for Iraqis A1 2-Jan-2004
Births-Midland New Year, New Baby A1 2-Jan-2004
Military Two More State National Guard Units Deployed to Iraq A3 2-Jan-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails Bicyclists Ride inito '04 on Rail-Trail A3 2-Jan-2004
Central Michigan Univ CMU Selected for National Teacher Project A3 2-Jan-2004
Business Lumber Company Sells Exotic Wood (Barn Door) A3 3-Jan-2004
Health & Safety Privacy Act a Headache for Cops A1 3-Jan-2004
Hockey Spirit Fire General Manager B1 3-Jan-2004
Crime Woman Gets Probation for Abandonment A1 4-Jan-2004
Volunteers Chuck McDonald 'Always There with a Smile' C5 4-Jan-2004
Weather Three Inches Fall on County A1 5-Jan-2004
Religion A Hymn and a Prayer: Tiny Church Presses on A1 5-Jan-2004
Midland County County Board Reorganization Set for Tuesday A3 5-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow to Pay $2 Million Fine for Labeling Violations A3 5-Jan-2004
Economy Economic Leaders to Focus on Area's Image A3 5-Jan-2004
Water Water District's Rates on Agenda A1 6-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Visa Blues:Immigration Issue Forces Program Change A1 6-Jan-2004
Education Back to the Routine: Students Return to Classroom A1 6-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Defense Attorneys Group Wants Monitoring Claim Out A3 6-Jan-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Forest Art: City Forest: A Year's Photos A3 6-Jan-2004
Saginaw Valley State Univ Renowned Minister to Speak at SVSU for MLK Celebration A3 6-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Woman Killed: Boyfriend to Face Open Murder Charge A1 7-Jan-2004
Midland County Wilson Re-elected Board Chairman A1 7-Jan-2004
Midland Alcohol Sales at Currie Mulled A1 7-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools Hughes: Played Golf, But Not During Conference A1 7-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland Starner,Lansing Boy to See State Quarter's First Strike A1 7-Jan-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Passes Inspection: County to Approach Dow A2 7-Jan-2004
Clubs & Organizations Amateur Radio Class Planned A2 7-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Pilot Investigation into Dioxin Exposure Readied A3 7-Jan-2004
Midland-Police Department A Really Cool Position to Retire From' (Capt. Larry Quinn) A3 7-Jan-2004
History-Midland County Midland Remembers: Geneva and Beyond, Part 1 A8 7-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland County Midland Remembers: Geneva and Beyond, Part 1 (Yeakles) A8 7-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Arraigned in Death (Timothy Schnell) A1 8-Jan-2004
Health and Safety Area Continues to Fight Flu A1 8-Jan-2004
Shelterhouse Domestic Violence Numbers Up in Area A1 8-Jan-2004
Little Forks Conservancy Little Forks Receives Grant A3 8-Jan-2004
Religion Ruth Graham to Speak at Christian Celebration Center A3 8-Jan-2004
Midland Theater Guild Theater Guild Opens Female Version of 'Odd Couple' A5 8-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Labeque Sisters Embrace Wide Range of Music A6 8-Jan-2004
Crime Owen Says No to Plea Deal: Case Might Go To Trial A1 9-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Practice, Practice: Midland Area Piano Students to Perform A1 9-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts New Museum Announced at MCFTA A1 9-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools Dow High Paper a Finalist in National Contest A2 9-Jan-2004
Charities & Benefits Hidden Harvest Plans to Build Central Facility A3 9-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland Starner Must Wait for Special Quarter A3 9-Jan-2004
Michigan Granholm Signs Election Bills A5 9-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Rockwell Exhibit Opens Jan. 24 B1 9-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Three New Exhibits Open Sunday at Alden Dow Museum B1 9-Jan-2004
Animals Man Pleads Guilty in Death of Horse A1 10-Jan-2004
Health & Safety Parent Concerned About Lice, Despite Decline in Cases A1 10-Jan-2004
Fire-Midland County Home Destroyed (Mills Twp-Randall) A1 10-Jan-2004
Michigan-Budget Caul Says State Budget Shortfall Could Reach $700 Million A3 10-Jan-2004
Employment Small Decline in Tri-Cities' Jobless Rate A3 10-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland County Sanford Man Wins $175,000 A3 10-Jan-2004
Churches-Midland New Building to Be Dedicated (Eagle Ridge Church of God) A8 10-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland County Sanford Residents Witness Wright Brothers Celebration A10 10-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Splat! Paintball a Growing Problem in City A1 11-Jan-2004
Animals Pet Sounds: Group Saves Animals (SOS Animal Rescue) A1 11-Jan-2004
Bicycles & Bicycle Trails STARPAC Hopes to Encourage People to Bike or Walk A1 11-Jan-2004
Consumers Energy Consumers Plan Helps Lower Appliance Bills A3 11-Jan-2004
Midland Theater Guild Female 'Odd Couple' Well Played, Fun A3 11-Jan-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Ice Arena Before Public Hearing A3 11-Jan-2004
Environmental Protection Natural Gas Release at Dow Facility A3 11-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland If We Had Known Then: Midland Newlyweds Advice (Green) C1 11-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Product Used in Transit Buses A1 12-Jan-2004
MBS Airport Deal Reached with Mesaba Pilots A1 12-Jan-2004
Religion Billy Graham's Daughter (Christian Celebration Center) A3 12-Jan-2004
Meridian Public Schools Budget, Veteran Diplomas on Meridian Agenda A3 12-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools Board Members to Be Honored A3 12-Jan-2004
Education Midlanders Second at Homeschool Debate Tourney B5 12-Jan-2004
Midland-City Council City Says Yes to Ice Arena A1 13-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS to Seek Budget Feedback A1 13-Jan-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Picnic Shelter Charge Pondered A1 13-Jan-2004
Crime Girl Testifies About Alleged Child Care Molestation A1 13-Jan-2004
Midland Council Supports Allowing Liquor License at Roll Arena A1 13-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools Sour Note Sounded About Building Plans A3 13-Jan-2004
Charities & Benefits Red Cross Seeking Everyday Heroes A3 13-Jan-2004
Clubs & Organizations Right to Life Offers Petition Training A3 13-Jan-2004
Business Java and Java (Expresso Milano) A3 13-Jan-2004
Lee Township Lee Board Votes to Pay Bills Despite Lack of Information A3 13-Jan-2004
Sports Home on the Ice (Midland Cty Sport Fishing Assn) A10 13-Jan-2004
Fire Fire Levels Business (Eudicii's Pizza; Coffee Gallery) A1 14-Jan-2004
Health & Safety Blood Banks Issue Appeal for Donations A1 14-Jan-2004
Fire Worker Saves Girl from Burning Home (Bay County) A1 14-Jan-2004
Crime Defense Attorney Raises Questions (Molestation) A1 14-Jan-2004
Holidays Adams Students Plan MLK Day Activies A2 14-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Unveils Deal to Develop Plant-Based Vaccine A2 14-Jan-2004
Edenville Township The Lake in Winter Still Hot Topic in Edenville A3 14-Jan-2004
Northwood University Travelling the World: Northwood VP Goes to Great Lengths A3 14-Jan-2004
Business-Midland Bank to Build on Union Hall Site A3 14-Jan-2004
Weather Hammered: 7-8 Inches Fall Locally A1 15-Jan-2004
Weather Storm Blankets Lower Michigan A1 15-Jan-2004
Crime Jury Begins Deliberation in Alleged Day Care Molestation A1 15-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Says No to Jail Proposal A2 15-Jan-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Dow Says No to Jail Proposal A2 15-Jan-2004
Holidays University President Will Speak at MCFTA for King Birthday A3 15-Jan-2004
Beaverton Beaverton Hires New Superintendent A3 15-Jan-2004
Mackinac Center Mackinac Center Hires Former DEQ Director A3 15-Jan-2004
MBS Airport Clear for Takeoff: MBS Crews Busy Keeping Runways Clear A3 15-Jan-2004
Crime Loomis Boy Pleads No Contest in Shooting A3 15-Jan-2004
Holidays Wilson, Lewis Headline King Celebration A5 15-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Wilson, Lewis Headline King Celebration A5 15-Jan-2004
Holidays King's Son to Speak at CMU as Part of MLK Events A5 15-Jan-2004
Awards & Prizes Delta Professor Britto Earns MLK Spirit Award A5 15-Jan-2004
Art & Artists Relationships Inspire Midland Couple's Art Exhibit A5 15-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Lithographs Approved by Rockwell (exhibit) A6 15-Jan-2004
Crime Sanford Man Not Guilty: Verdict in Alleged Molestation A1 16-Jan-2004
MBS Airport Airline to Pull Out of MBS (Continental) A1 16-Jan-2004
Fire Merchant Offers Help for Burned-Out Pizza Store A1 16-Jan-2004
Weather Michigan Has Five of Six Winter Storm Deaths A1 16-Jan-2004
Libraries Branching Out (Auburn Area Branch Library-Bay County) A1 16-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Continued Wait in Dow Announcement A3 16-Jan-2004
Central Michigan Univ Rao Receives Good Review A3 16-Jan-2004
Meridian Public Schools Newkirk Outlines Meridian Finances A3 16-Jan-2004
Military St Brigid Students Hear About Soldiers A3 16-Jan-2004
Awards & Prizes Academy Teacher Foreign Language Teacher of the Year A6 16-Jan-2004
Consumers Energy Cost of Heating Going Up Fast A1 17-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Sentencing Delayed in Attempted Murder Case (Czito) A1 17-Jan-2004
Matrix:Midland Disney 'Teacher of the Year' to Speak at Matrix Event A1 17-Jan-2004
Bullock Creek Schools On the Catwalk (Spanish class) A1 17-Jan-2004
Midland RV Rules in City Likely to Remain Unchanged A3 17-Jan-2004
Delta College Former Delta Coach Ordered to Repay Embezzeled Funds A3 17-Jan-2004
Midland County Register of Deeds Haines to Run Again A3 17-Jan-2004
Delta College Delta College Trustees Met This Week A3 17-Jan-2004
Health & Safety Project Peanut Butter: Dow High Graduate Saving Lives A8 17-Jan-2004
Education Area Schools Appeal Grades (Education Yes Program) A1 18-Jan-2004
Crime Gladwin County Man's Death Investigated A1 18-Jan-2004
Midland County Treasurer, County Board Clashing Again A1 18-Jan-2004
Midland-Parks & Recreation Park Access, Pool Study Goals for Master Plan A3 18-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Achieves Key Safety Milestone A3 18-Jan-2004
Delta College Class Work: Habitat Home First Built by Delta Class A3 18-Jan-2004
History-Midland Alden B. Dow Home and Studio in National Calendar A10 18-Jan-2004
Holidays Local Celebrations Planned (Chinese New Year) C1 18-Jan-2004
Sports California Dreamin: A Trip to the Rose Bowl, Parade C6 18-Jan-2004
Accidents-Midland Crossing Guard Hit at Dilloway: Injuries Minor A1 19-Jan-2004
Crime Name of Slain Gladwin County Man Released A1 19-Jan-2004
Holidays Jazz Masters Lewis and Wilson Spark King Day Concert A1 19-Jan-2004
Transportation Going Places? Agency Asks About Interest in Tri-County.. A1 19-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Disturbing' Things Surfacint in Suit, Say Dow Lawyers A3 19-Jan-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Adjustments to Budget on BC Agenca A3 19-Jan-2004
Northwood University Ordover Photo Exhibit at Northwood A6 19-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Changes Announced: Positions to Be Eliminated A1 20-Jan-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Officials Mull Driver's Education A1 20-Jan-2004
Bullock Creek Schools Bullock Creek Forced to Use Fund Balance A1 20-Jan-2004
Health & Safety Head Start Gets Harness Reprieve A1 20-Jan-2004
Roads-Midland Nurmi Drive Among Possible City Projects A3 20-Jan-2004
Dow Corning China Gives Dow Corning Approval to Make Sealants A3 20-Jan-2004
Holidays King Day Speaker Tells of Lessons Learned from Mother A3 20-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Man Arraigned in Church Break-In A1 21-Jan-2004
Crime Bloody Mass' Found in SVSU Bathroom A1 21-Jan-2004
Business Beef Businesses Booming: Concerns Over Mad Cow.. A1 21-Jan-2004
Politics Speech Gets Local Praise, Criticism (State of the Union) A1 21-Jan-2004
Midland County Tension at Board's First Night Meeting A3 21-Jan-2004
Roads-Midland Four High-Traffic Areas in Construction Plans A3 21-Jan-2004
History-Midland Midland Remembers: Geneva and Beyond, Part 2 A8 21-Jan-2004
Crime Gladwin Investigation Continues (Gladwin murder) A1 22-Jan-2004
Crime Material at SVSU Not Yet Identified A1 22-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Plea Not Accepted: March Trial Date (David Edward Owen) A1 22-Jan-2004
Clubs & Organizations Pajama Party: Ladies Just Dandy in Red and Purple A1 22-Jan-2004
Midland Area Chamber Chamber's Leader of the Year is Go-Getter(Fuce-Hobohm) A3 22-Jan-2004
Prisons & Prisoners-Midland Jail Debate Still Dominates County Meetings A3 22-Jan-2004
Foundations Two Dow Kin to Serve on Board (Dow Foundation) A3 22-Jan-2004
Music & Musicians Midland Homecoming: Kuhlman Brothers Return D3 22-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Jazz and More on Tap for Saturday Show D3 22-Jan-2004
Art & Artists Former Midland Artist Wins International Award (Coates) D4 22-Jan-2004
Crime Trial Date Set in Shooting Death (James Scheifflee) A1 23-Jan-2004
Crime Material at SVSU Identified (Early Term Miscarriage) A1 23-Jan-2004
Holidays A Dream Deferred: King Awes CMU Audience Thursday A3 23-Jan-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven MCV Ruling Issued:Taxing United Order to Refund $36 Mil A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven It's Not Over; It's Not Cheap A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven Local Educators Will Wait and See on Tax Appeal Decision A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland What It Cost City to Defend Case A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland MCV Ruling Issued:Taxing United Order to Refund $36 Mil A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland It's Not Over; It's Not Cheap A1 24-Jan-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven Business Owners Offer Thoughts on MCV Ruling A3 24-Jan-2004
Midland Cogeneration Ven County Officials Pleased with Tribunal Ruling A3 24-Jan-2004
Midland County County Officials Pleased with Tribunal Ruling A3 24-Jan-2004
Business Meijer to Announce Restructuring Changes Today A5 24-Jan-2004
Business Meijer Trims 1900 Management Positions A1 25-Jan-2004
Charities Opening Doors (Open Door) A1 25-Jan-2004
Recreation Midlander Completes in Game Show Network Blackjack A1 25-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Hearing on Dow Concerns Set for Monday A3 25-Jan-2004
Midland City Council to Meet in Closed Session to Discuss MCV A3 25-Jan-2004
Busines Learning the Business (Harsh's Pro Hardware) A3 25-Jan-2004
Clubs & Organizations Honoring 'The King' (Lioness Club & Nick Fitrakis) C1 25-Jan-2004
Biography-Midland Grandma Hahn: A Special Lady to Young & Old C5 25-Jan-2004
Midland County Hist Society Storyteller to Share Story of Rosa Parks B8 25-Jan-2004
Awards & Prizes Midland High BPA Winners Announced B8 25-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland County Coleman Youth Arrested for Break-Ins A1 26-Jan-2004
Military 1460th Deployed One Year Ago Today A1 26-Jan-2004
Events Back to Basics' Cooking School Coming to Midland A8 26-Jan-2004
Midland Midland Residents Might Get Tax Break Next Year A1 27-Jan-2004
Accidents-Midland Midland Teen Dies in Crash (Ashlee Cook) A1 27-Jan-2004
Midland Council Offers Praise, Raises (Tomion, Branson) A1 27-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Class-Action Status Hearing in Suit Against Dow Delayed A1 27-Jan-2004
Weather Up to 21 Inches of Snow Forecast for Parts of Michigan A1 27-Jan-2004
Business Florida Company Buys Local Railroad (CMR) A3 27-Jan-2004
Military Back Home: Mother, National Guard Member on Leave A3 27-Jan-2004
Midland Public Schools MPS Board Waits to Vote on Teachers' Deal A3 27-Jan-2004
Midland County Hist Society Valentine Program Slated (Victorian Valentines) B5 27-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Bader to Lead Cargill Dow A1 28-Jan-2004
Michigan Economy Focus of Granholm (State of the State Address) A1 28-Jan-2004
Weather Storm Dumps 6-7 Inches on Midland County Area A2 28-Jan-2004
Fire-Midland County Township Fire Departments Receive Federal Grants A3 28-Jan-2004
Crime Meth Lab Found in Harrison A3 28-Jan-2004
Elections-National Feed the Donkey': Local Dems Gather to Watch A3 28-Jan-2004
Elections-National Three Dean Staffers Work in Bay, Saginaw Counties A3 28-Jan-2004
Crime-Midland Suspect in B & Es Caught (Andrew Hohmeyer) A2 28-Jan-2004
Baseball Ex-Players Still Able to Charm Fans (Tigers at Tendercare) B1 28-Jan-2004
Midland County Tax Information Online A1 29-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Hits Record for Sales in 2003 A1 29-Jan-2004
MBS Airport MBS Numbers Down A1 29-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Fourth Quarter Earnings $929 Million A2 29-Jan-2004
Crime Child Porn Suspects Heads to Circuit Court A3 29-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Extension Granted for Dow Dioxin Plan A3 29-Jan-2004
Midland-Civic Arena Fast Ice Receives $50,00 A5 29-Jan-2004
Elections-National Dean Campaigning in Michigan Today B6 29-Jan-2004
Business-Midland Ashcraft's Name Changing C8 29-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts A Chorus Line: Professional Choreographer.. D1 29-Jan-2004
Music &  Musicians John Kruse's CD a 'Fly Away' at Alma College D1 29-Jan-2004
Midland Center for the Arts Sky Designs: Exhibit Celebrates 100 Years of Flight D2 29-Jan-2004
Mid-Mich Comm College MMCC Receives Grants for Library D4 29-Jan-2004
Northwood University Black History Program Planned D4 29-Jan-2004
Education Nearly 900 Schools Fall Short A1 30-Jan-2004
Dow Chemical Dow Funding Dioxin Study A1 30-Jan-2004
Midland County County Website Draws Lots of Traffic A1 30-Jan-2004
Dow Corning Dow Corning Income, Sales for 2003 Stronger A1 30-Jan-2004
Midland City Tax Infor Going Online Later A2 30-Jan-2004
Delta College Explore Outer Space and Inner Space at Planetarium A2 30-Jan-2004
Business Former Dow Engineer Selected to Lead MITECH+ A3 30-Jan-2004
Ingersoll Township Ingersoll Tax Break Transferred A3 30-Jan-2004
Elections-State Democrat Accounces Candicacy for 99th State House A3 30-Jan-2004
Tennis California Kid Coming to Corning Classic (Angela Haynes) D1 30-Jan-2004
Education First Report Card: Most Schools Make Grade A1 31-Jan-2004
Crime Dog Handler's Trial Set for March 23 A1 31-Jan-2004
Crime Police Rule Mills Man's Death a Drug Overdose A3 31-Jan-2004