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2013-2014 Sample Questions


The following are some examples of questions asked in written and oral battles. 
 Not all questions will fall into such precise categories.
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1.  “Name of important character or significant nickname of a minor character”
Give the first and last name of the Battle character who was sometimes called Hare Heart.

2. “In what book” questions
In what book did the main character survive both an earthquake and a tidal wave?

3. “Important setting or location”
The Watson family went to Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. In what city did the Watson family actually live?

4.“Short answer - significant event or object”
In Eagle Scouts, Jack learned how to survive an avalanche. When he was buried under snow, what did he need to do to determine which way was up?

5. “Comparison with another book(s) on the list”
When the Starcatchers were leaving the island, Peter refused to go. Name the character from another Battle book who refused to leave an island when he had the chance.

6. “Give one out of two or more possibilities”
When Molly asked her father why the Starcatchers didn’t expose themselves to enough starstuff so they could fly, Leonard Aster said there were two reasons. One was because it caused other changes in humans besides enabling them to fly. What was the other reason?

7.  “Quotation directly from the book”
Give the first name of the Battle character who said, “I have a rule against dancing. No dancing unless I’m alone in my room or it’s pitch-black dark.”

8.  “Definition of unique terms or important words”
In the language of the Athapascan people, “Denali” means what?

9. “Why” questions
Why did Mr. and Mrs. Watson have Byron sleep in their bedroom the night before they left for Birmingham?


Helpful Hints
  • Listen carefully to the question. Is it asking for the title of the book or the name of a character?
     Did the question ask for both a first and last name?
  • There are 3 ways to answer a question about a Battle character.
    • If the question asks for the first and last name, both have to be correct.
    • If the question asks “Name the Battle character,” you need to give a name such as “Mrs. Morehouse.” You may give both the first and last names, but both names need to be correct. Saying “Jason's mom” rather than a name would not be correct.
    • If the question asks “What Battle character” any identifying name or title would be acceptable.
  • When giving a title, use the complete title as listed on our Battle Booklist, such as “The Watsons Go to Birmingham.”  You may add "1963" but remember that you must get the year correct. Abbreviating the title to "The Watsons" is not acceptable.
  • We will not ask for more information if your answer is incomplete. However, be careful to not give so much information that part of your answer is wrong.
  • Multiple Choice and True/False questions will be used during Written Battles. Many questions can be rewritten in these formats. Here are examples based on Question One:

TRUE OR FALSE: In RAVENMASTER’S SECRET, Forrest Harper was sometimes called Hare Heart.
             (ANSWER: True)

MULTIPLE CHOICE: In RAVENMASTER’S SECRET, Forrest Harper was sometimes called:  A) Rat Breath;  B) Rabbit Brain;  C) Hare Heart;  D) Raven Beak
              (ANSWER:  C)

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