Adult Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program Build a Better world
Adult Summer Reading
June 12 - August 12, 2017
Read a book, submit an entry, and win some great prizes from local merchants.

Print Reading Entry Form and Submit at the Reference Desk

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Prizes are $10 gift certificates to local businesses:

We have some great book suggestions to help you experience this year’s summer reading theme— “Build A Better World.” Visit our display on the main floor for book titles, entry forms,
and our special Reading Challenge. 

Each week, a drawing will be held for prizes—gift cards to local merchants and attractions. 
Book lists and displays highlighting the Adult Summer Reading Program are featured throughout the Adult Services floor. We will be changing them frequently throughout the summer so be sure to take a look on each visit.
 Also, take a look at our reading lists, check them out! 

They are a great way to find a good read fast!
This year’s Summer Reading theme is “Build a Better World.”

Watch for the following displays:

• The architecture of Alden B. Dow, Frank Lloyd Wright, and others.
• The ecology of the earth and what you can do to make it a better place to live.
• Cookbooks for healthier eating this summer.
• Outdoor activities to do with your family to build a stronger bond.
• A large selection of novels to sit back and relax with, while expanding your mind.
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Build a Better World Bonus Drawing

Follow the instructions below to qualify for the bonus prize drawing.

1. Complete one or more activities:

  • Write an encouraging note to someone you know
  • Read a book about someone who worked to build a better world*  Booklist
  • Draw a picture, paint a painting, or write about something in the world that inspires you
  • Make a positive change in your life and maintain it for 21 days
  • Write to a politician in support of something important to you 
  • Help someone before they ask
  • Read a book translated from another language* Booklist
  • Donate time or money to a cause you care about
  • Read a book about architecture, city planning, or the natural world* Booklist
*Not sure how to find a book that fits these descriptions? Visit the Reference Desk, and we’ll help you with a booklist or a personalized recommendation.

2. Complete the Build a Better World Entry Form

Print Form and Submit at the Reference Desk


Enter Form Online

 Want to do an activity more than once? Either indicate on your form how many times you did the activity and we'll enter your name that number of times, or submit more than one form.