Land Use & Development

The City of Midland Planning Department is here to help homeowners and developers alike successfully answer questions regarding land use and development in the city of Midland.

If you want to know more about anything from an address for your new house, to the types of properties for sale in the city, to whether or not your property has wetlands on it, select the appropriate link below. If, after reviewing the section, you have further questions or would like to speak to a Planning Department staff member, please call 989-837-3374.
  1. Address Assignments

    Read about address assignments.

  2. Annexations

    View information pertinent to annexations.

  3. Conditional Land Use Permits

    Find information on Conditional Land Use Permits.

  4. Flood Plain & Flood Protection Information

    Protect yourself from flooding in Midland, Michigan.

  5. Future Land Use Dynamic Map

    Check out the future of land use and development in Midland.

  6. Interactive Zoning & Land Use Map

    Use this interactive map to view all past, current, and future land use functions.

  7. Land Division & Boundary Adjustments

    Find out how Midland uses it's land and how the City takes care of boundary adjustments.

  8. Midland Urban Growth Area (MUGA) Policy

    Read about the Midland Urban Growth Area.

  9. Planned Unit Developments

    Discover information on planned units in Midland.

  10. Preliminary Plats

    View information on plats.

  11. Property for Sale

    Buy property in Midland.

  12. Site Plan Review & Approval Process

    Review the Site Plan Approval Process.

  13. Subdivisions

    Research information on subdivisions in Midland.

  14. West Main Street Historic District

    Find out more about the West Main Street Historic District.

  15. Wetlands

    Review information on wetlands in Midland, Michigan.

  16. Zoning Information

    Learn more about zoning in Midland.