Battle Teams 2015-2016

Accidental Champions - Pine River
The Accidental Chipmunks - Chestnut Hill
Accidental Readers  - St. Brigid
The Accidental Winners - Floyd
The Book Addictions - Carpenter
Book Busters - Adams  Photo
The Book Nerds - Plymouth
The Book Worms - St. Brigid
Bookbots -  Woodcrest
Chipmunks Plain and Tall - Chestnut Hill
Chocolate Chip Overlords - Plymouth
Darth-Book Gladiators - Midland Academy
The Dream Team - Floyd
The Eight Reading Spies - Siebert  Photo
El Hard to Defeato - Blessed Sacrament
The Espionage Readers - Adams  Photo
Everybody Clap Your Hands - Adams  Photo
The Eyes That Read All - Siebert
The Fantastic Seven - Plymouth
The Fluffy Firebreathing Kittens - Adams
Flying Squirrels Rising - Adams
Geek Squad 7 - Pine River
Ice Cream Screamers - Pine River
King of the Falcons - Freeland
Kings Kronicles - Calvary Baptist Academy
Kings of the Lemonade Castle - Siebert
The Lean Keen Reading Machines - Woodcrest
The Lemonade Heroes - Carpenter
Lemonade Warriors - Blessed Sacrament  Photo
The Marvelous Adventures of Reading - Adams
Marvelous Chipmunks - Chestnut Hill
The Marvelous Menagerie - Siebert
Menagerie Maniacs - Midland Academy
Mythical Readers - St. John's Lutheran
Omega Spartans - Freeland
Project CAZIWJMN - Woodcrest/Calvary Baptist
Project Tuesday Rising Tall - St. Brigid
Readers Rising - Freeland  Photo
The Readers Secret - Floyd
The Reading Raiders - Woodcrest
Reading Ravens - Carpenter
Reading Rockets - Woodcrest  Photo
Reading Warriors - Floyd
Rise of the Happy Meals - Adams
Rocking Readers - Pine River
Rulers of the Books - Siebert/Handley
The Seven Rising Overlanders - Carpenter
Spy Chipmunks - Chestnut Hill
The Spy Guys - Adams
The Squishy Reading Noodles - Woodcrest
Super Readers - Eastlawn
Tale of the Over Readers - Blessed Sacrament
Tuesdays with the Chipmunks - Chestnut Hill
Tween Titans - Woodcrest
Wednesdays at Spy School - Siebert
Working Noodles - Handley