Cup & Chaucer Coffee Bar

Library Coffee Bar Closed

 The Cup & Chaucer Coffee Bar closed Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

The coffee bar was operated by the Arnold Center. Financial challenges led to the Arnold Center’s decision to terminate the partnership with the City of Midland. The Cup & Chaucer Coffee Bar opened in September 2004.

The Arnold Center and the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library are proud to have served the community for 11 years. The Library is not aware of a longer relationship between a public library and a coffee bar vendor in Michigan.

The partnership provided not only coffee and other refreshments but contributed to the employment of individuals with differing needs. The Cup & Chaucer Coffee Bar was designed and developed with the goal of employing these individuals. The coffee bar has been a place of training and employment for many clients of the Arnold Center. Current staff members will continue to work for the Arnold Center at other locations.

“We have enjoyed our involvement with the community at the Cup & Chaucer and have been able to provide our employees with skills development, job training, and meaningful employment,” said Arnold Center President Charles Markey.

Construction of the coffee bar was made possible with grants from The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation, Midland Area Community Foundation, the Charles J. Strosacker Foundation, the Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation, Community Mental Health for Central Michigan, and the Martha G. Arnold Endowment Fund.

The coffee bar has been a welcomed area for Library patrons. From individuals stopping in for a cup of coffee and a place to study, to small group meetings, to a mom getting a snack for her child, the coffee bar has been a wonderful addition to the Library. Library Director Melissa Barnard understands the circumstances for the closing but is sad to end this special partnership.

“We are thankful to have worked with the staff here at the coffee bar,” said Barnard. “Our patrons will miss the amenities and the friendly service from the Arnold Center staff. We’re grateful to everyone who patronized the Cup & Chaucer.”

The coffee bar area will remain open for patron seating. Options for the provision of beverages and snacks are under consideration.
Cup and Chaucer Coffee Bar
The Cup and Chaucer is operated by the Arnold Center.

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The mission of the Corporation is to promote improved quality of life for individuals with differing needs by encouraging and supporting personal growth and inclusion in the community through the development of vocational, social and life skills.