Fall 2006 Summary
Using global positioning system (GPS) technology, City staff (shown in the images to the right) collected data for the entire wastewater and stormwater networks, including over 20,000 point features and over 500 miles of pipe. All of this data includes qualitative information about each feature, is managed in a centralized GIS database, and is made available to City staff.

Additionally, all fire hydrant locations have been collected for the City and surrounding townships that are part of the City’s inventory. Currently, we are in the process of collecting water features for the entire network.
Utility workers use GPS to collect data for the GIS utility maps.
Positive Results
This effort has greatly increased productivity and City staff can now visualize and analyze utilities data in ways that were previously impossible. We now know exactly how many features we have, the exact location, the type, and the condition. In addition to the sewer modeling effort, this data is being used by the Utilities Department to make better decisions relating to the prioritization and implementation of maintenance efforts.