Intranet GIS

September 2006 Summary
In September 2006 an intranet GIS application was deployed making GIS data and information available to all City staff. The intranet GIS marks a major step forward in the City’s enterprise-wide GIS implementation as it enables all City staff to harness the power of GIS and visualize data in ways never before imagined.

The intranet GIS provides staff with the tools necessary to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and enhance public service. For example, the Planning and Engineering Departments use the intranet GIS (shown in the image to the right) to quickly and efficiently produce a list of addresses and generate mailing labels for rezoning and construction project notifications.
The GIS map on the City Intranet displaying information specific to a region in the City.
The Planning Department can identify a parcel to be rezoned (shown in red), select all properties and the respective addresses within 300 feet (shown in green), and generate mailing labels within minutes.

Positive Results
This resource greatly increases productivity and allows staff to conduct daily business activities more effectively. Previously, many day-to-day tasks took hours to complete, but now take just minutes with the intranet GIS. The intranet GIS application puts information into the hands of many and promotes the sharing of knowledge throughout our organization.