Flood Mapping

2007-2008 Summary
The City of Midland is enrolled in the National Flood Plain Insurance Program (NFIP) / Community Rating System (CRS). The goals and objectives of the City of Midland’s NFIP/CRS initiative are to continue to reduce flood insurance rates by identifying and participating in more CRS activities.

GIS plays an integral part in helping to raise the CRS score. The City is using GIS to identify all structures within the flood plain, identify and more accurately quantify open space preservation, and accurately identify and analyze areas of impact.

The image to the right illustrates how the City is using GIS to map all insurable structures within the flood plain (shown in red shaded area).
GIS being used to map out the parts of the City prone to flooding.
  • The red structures are in the flood plain
  • The green structures are outside of the flood plain
  • The black structures are where property owners have obtained a letter of map amendment (LOMA) and are excluded from the flood plain based on elevation
Positive Results
GIS is helping to lower flood insurance costs in our community! A higher CRS score means our community pays less for flood insurance. GIS can help to reduce community vulnerability, as well as increase public awareness and improve public access to information by providing flood maps and information via the internet.