Base Map

May 2006 Summary
These layers form the foundation of GIS. The City acquired 2005 color orthophotography from Midland County as part of an ongoing cooperative agreement. Base map layers were developed from existing CAD data by our GIS contractor - Geographic Technologies Group (GTG).

The image to the right includes the base map layers for the City of Midland:
  • Address locations
  • Property boundaries
  • Roads
Property Boundary
The property boundary or "parcel" layer (shown as yellow lines) represents the boundary for more than 18,000 properties in the City.
Base level GIS map showing plots of land.
The road layer (shown as gray lines with road name labels) is a network of lines representing the midpoint or "centerline" of every single road in the City. The road layer contains the complete road name, the address range, and other descriptive elements for each road segment.

Address Locations
The address locations layer (shown with house number label) includes a "dot on the map" for every physical address in the City of Midland and is linked to our land management database. These layers are continually updated to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Positive Results
The development of base map data lays the foundation for the strength of the GIS program now and into the future. Aerial photography can be used by all City staff to locate geographic features throughout the City, and can be used to interpret the surrounding landscape. Parcels, roads, and addresses are the essential framework from which most all other GIS layers are developed and serve as the foundation for making information research and retrieval more efficient. Once this information is made available to the public, residents will be able to look up and identify their property using the base map data.