Midland Quick Facts

Where We're At
Our community is conveniently located in the center of Michigan, just 15 minutes away from MBS International Airport. Private and corporate jets can also be serviced at our community's general aviation airport, Jack Barstow Municipal Airport, located in Midland.  Our community is part of the Great Lakes Bay Region.
If a nice drive is more your style, a two- to three-hour jaunt in any direction by car will fulfill most of your vacation, sightseeing, or big-City needs including spending time on the shores of Michigan’s five Great Lakes.  

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A Great Place to Live, Work & Play
Midland has received recognition as a great place to raise a family, find and keep a job, get an excellent education, live safely, and enjoy fun nightlife, volunteering opportunities, many places of worship, a plethora of sporting and recreational opportunities, and more. For details on some of our recent achievements and recognitions, view our Above and Beyond page.

The reasons for these recognitions are reflected in recent trends and facts about the Midland community based on data from various City of Midland departments, plus state and federal reports.
Safe Community
Midland was touted as the 61st safest City in the nation by Neighborhood Scout in 2014 - up 10 places since Midland was first recognized in 2013. Midland was the only Michigan City listed in the top 100 communities recognized for this distinction, which is based on the total number of crimes per 1,000 residents. Call the Midland Police Department at 989-631-5716 for more information.
Housing Trends
This chart indicates home sales that occurred within the City of Midland in the years indicated. Call the Building Department at 989-837-3383 for more information.
Line graph showing the Annual Home Sales from 2001 through 2012.
Population Trends
See chart at right for the latest U.S. Census data on Midland's population trends as compared to neighboring communities.

Call the Planning and Community Development Department at 989-837-3374 for more information.
A bar graph displaying the population rise from 1950 through 2010 of Midland, Bay City, Mt. Pleasant
Taxable Value of Real Property in City
Call the City Assessor at 989-837-3334 for more information.
Line graph showing the Taxable Value of Midland since the fiscal year ending in 2005.
Millage Rates in the City of Midland
Call the City Assessor at 989-837-3334 for more information.
Line graph depicting the Millage Rates since the fiscal year ending in 2004.
Midland Schools
K-12 Education: Midland’s K-12 public and private school systems enjoy a long-standing tradition of excellence. For example, in 2005, 4 of the 5 local public high schools in the greater Midland community had graduation rates above the statewide rate. Most notable was Midland Public Schools, which had rates as high as 10% above the state rate of 88.7%. And for the 2007-2008 school year, 100% of Midland Public Schools teachers met State of Michigan guidelines as “highly qualified”.

Additionally, 2005-2006 state assessment results show 100% of Midland Public Schools buildings made Adequate Yearly Progress as required by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. In addition to these impressive numbers, Expansion Management magazine ranked Midland Public Schools in the top 17% of school districts nationwide for 2007. 

Higher Education
Several excellent colleges and universities are located within a 20-mile radius of Midland, including:
Midland's Total Land Area
Midland currently has a land area of 36.06 square miles, making it the 5th largest City in the state of Michigan in terms of land size.
Table showing the total land area of Cities around Midland, with Midland being the 5th largest.