Charter Communications

MCTV Channel Changes
January 14, 2014 - Midland’s 4 cable access channels are on the move. Charter Communications, one of Midland’s video providers, has notified the City of Midland that the channels will be moved to new locations on Tuesday, January 21. The new line-up falls within channels 188-191:
  • MGTV 96, Midland Government Television, the government access channel - will be moved to 188
  • MCTV 97-Messages, the message board channel - will be moved to 189
  • MPS-TV 98, the Midland Public Schools channel - will be moved to 190
  • MCTV 99-Community Voices, the public access channel - will be moved to 191
Other Channels
In addition to channels 96-99 in Charter’s analog channel line-up, Midland’s channels have been located at 991-994 in Charter’s digital service. The channels will no longer be viewed in those locations. These changes are part of Charter’s wider effort to switch to a 100% digital system, which also goes into effect on January 21. 

More Access
MCTV’s channels are also available on AT&T’s U-verse product. They can be accessed through a drop down menu on Channel 99. Much of the programming offered on the channels can also be viewed online.

For more information, contact MCTV at 989-837-3474.