The City Treasurer's Office services the public and City of Midland departments by providing efficient, expedient assistance in processing funds. We will project a friendly and ethical manner as we ensure fair treatment within legal guidelines.
  1. Automatic Funds Transfer

    This page describes the process and options to setting up auto payments

  2. Forms & Brochures

    Browse through helpful online resources provided by the City.

  3. Parking

    The City Treasurer's Office coordinates permit parking spaces in the downtown area in lots owned by the City of Midland. Phone payments for parking tickets can be made at 1-855-352-9605.

  4. Glossary of Common Tax Terms

    Review this glossary of commonly used tax terms to better understand some of the terminology used.

  5. Important Tax Related Dates

    These dates remain relatively constant from year to year; however, you may want to check this page periodically for changes or additions.

  6. Online Tax Information

    Find more information regarding property and taxes.

  7. Payments Accepted at Treasurer's Office

    Discover the services payable at the Treasurer's Office, and what forms of payment are acceptable.

  8. Tax Bills

    Learn about the different taxes and fees charged by the City.

  9. Taxable Value & Millage Rates

    Find out about taxable value and the current millage rate.