Parks & Recreation Commission

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The Parks and Recreation Commission shall consist of a minimum of five and/or a maximum of nine members who shall be qualified by experience and shall have evidenced interest in the development of park and recreation services for public use.

Current Members

Name Appointed Term Expires
Karen Murphy Staff Liaison Tenure of Office
Nancy Carney
07/25/2011 06/30/2017
John Metevia 07/25/2011 06/30/2017
Neil Rankin 08/13/2012 06/30/2018
Robert Johns
06/13/2016 06/30/2019
David Rice
06/14/2010 06/30/2017
Marcia Steidemann
06/22/2009 06/30/2018
Ares Varela
06/24/2013 06/30/2019
Gary Billotti
06/22/2015 06/30/2018
Patty Carlson
06/22/2009 06/30/2019
About the Commission
The Commission advises the City Council on Parks and Recreation matters. The commission considers and studies the reasonable needs of recreational facilities and activities in which the City might properly participate. They recommend to the City Council annual fee adjustments for recreation services.