The City Assessor's Office identifies, lists and values all real and personal property within the City of Midland. Information is gathered and analyzed throughout the year in order to determine the value of each property as of December 31 (tax day).
  1. Assessing Maps

    Michigan law requires that the City of Midland have maps of all properties within Midland's City limits so that properties can be easily identified and located for tax valuation purposes.

  2. Board of Review

    The Board of Review hears appeals on assessed value of property.

  3. Calculating Taxes

    Learn how taxes in the City are calculated.

  4. Collecting & Dispersing Taxes

    Find out how the City manages tax collection and dispersion.

  5. Glossary of Common Tax Terms

    Review this glossary of commonly used tax terms to better understand some of the terminology used.

  6. Important Tax Related Dates

    These dates remain relatively constant from year to year; however, you may want to check this page periodically for changes or additions.

  7. Property & Tax Information

    Find more information regarding property and taxes.

  8. Tax Related Forms, Brochures & Websites

    Browse through useful forms, brochures, and websites which are available to help you with taxes.