Free Yard Waste Collection Period

kid raking leaves About The Program
 You might remember the "Three Free" Collection for the spring and fall.  The dates of the "Three Free" were weather  dependent and varied from year to year.  To make it easier to plan your yard clean-up, the City of Midland is now offering a month of free yard waste collection.  Beginning in 2015, the City of Midland will offer free yard waste collection as follows:
SPRING FREE-  Yard waste collection will begin each year on the first Monday in April.  Stickers will not be 
                            required until the first Monday in May.
FALL FREE -    Free yard waste collection will begin on the first Monday in October and remain free throughout the
                        remainder of the fall leaf collection season.

How The Program Works
In the spring, yard waste collection will begin on the first Monday in April.  All yard waste collected in the spring must be contained in either Kraft paper bags or in the blue yard waste bin.  Yard waste is NOT collected from the street in the spring.

All Kraft paper bags will require an orange 40-cent sticker and blue yard waste bins will require a current year sticker beginning the first Monday in May.
In the fall, Kraft paper bags and blue yard waste bins will not require stickers beginning on the first Monday in October through the remainder of the
fall leaf collection season.  Residents can rake leaves to the street until final curbside collection has been completed for the season in their area.  Raking leaves to the street will not start bulk curbside collection earlier.  Curbside collection of leaves will begin after significant leaf fall has occurred city-wide, which it typically late October.
The fall leaf collection from the street will be announced after a significant leaf drop has occurred throughout the City.

Where To Purchase The Required Stickers
40-cent orange stickers for Kraft paper bags are available at local retailers and from the City of Midland at the Municipal Service Center at 4811 N. Saginaw Rd.
The stickers are sold in sheets containing 20 stickers.

Current year stickers for the blue yard waste bins can be purchased at the Municipal Service Center or at City Hall at the Treasurer's Office.
Curbside Collection

Yard waste is collected curbside on your regular weekly refuse collection day.  Yard waste must be placed in kraft paper compost bags or blue, 95-gallon yard waste bins before being set at the curb.

Collection Specifics
Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, garden waste and small twigs and branches. Large brush, large tree branches, soil and sod, stone, and treated wood are just a few of the items that would not be considered acceptable yard waste.  For the safety of our drivers, yard waste sticking out from a bag or a blue yard waste bin cannot be collected.  Sorry, yard waste is not collected in plastic garbage bags or from garbage cans.