K-9 Teams

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Mission: The mission of the Midland Police Department's K-9 Unit is to locate suspects and/or evidence at or near crime scenes and to provide protection and/or back-up for officers officers when possible and practical.  Generally, a K-9 team will be applied as a sophisticated tool to enhance the capabilities of patrol or other units at a crime scene.  In addition, they will provide psychological and physical back-up, locate missing subjects, and detect explosives and narcotic substance when so trained.

Narcotics K-9 Team:

    OFC DuBois and Tza'Yid

The mission of the Midland Narcotics K9 Team is to assist the Midland Police Department and other surrounding agencies with combating criminal activity thru deterrence, education, and proactive / reactive policing by use of K9 techniques learned thru training.  

Specifically, K9 TZA'YID accomplishes this mission via narcotics detection, human odor tracking, article searches, area searches,  handler protection, and building searches which is all based on training and repetition thru a reward system based on a chew toy, ball, or verbal praise.  TZA'YID is trained to detect a wide variety of drugs and narcotics.

The inception of the Midland Narcotics K9 Team is the result of an increase drug problem, increased criminal element, and the increased threat of terrorism nationwide. 

Explosives K-9 Team:
     OFC Tait and Brody

Brody and his Handler, Officer Tait, spent three months training to become a multi-purpose trained Patrol Dog, with its primary focus of explosives detection.  The K9 can also track suspects or people that walk away from assisted living centers.  The K9 can also perform building services and searches for article left behind by suspects.  Also the K9 can assist in the protection of it handler by using its
“prey drive” to subdue violent criminals.   

Brody can respond within the Homeland Security Region Three area.  This area stretches from Alcona County to the North, to Genesee County in the South. The region also includes the Thumb.

The funding for the MPD Explosives K9 came from a  Region Three Homeland Security grant. This grant paid for the K9, its training, and the purchase of the K9 vehicle outfitted with K9 specific equipment.   

MPD’s Explosives K9 is a valuable asset to the residents of the City of Midland and surrounding communities by providing an explosives-trained K9 that can be deployed quickly and effectively.