Memorial Donation Program

Park Support Program
Help us continue to improve and expand Midland’s parks and green spaces with a gift of any amount. Specialized requests are handled on a one on one basis. Examples: new backstops, basketball hoops, park improvements, play equipment, grills, bike racks etc.
Tree Donation
New trees make great gifts! Choose from these options:

Adopt-A-Tree ($250): Adopt a mature tree in a Midland park, tree adoption certificate provided.

Plant A Tree-Any Park ($400):  Plant a tree in a Midland park; location not tracked.

Plant a Tree-Park Specific ($1,000):  Plant a tree in a known location you can visit for many years to come. Welcome to pick the species or work with the City Horticulturist to choose one. Staff will work with donors if a plaque is requested but is not included as part of the donation.

Tree Program Support:  A gift of any amount for the tree program support will be used for ongoing planting, watering and maintenance of Midland's trees.
Bench Donation
Donate a new bench! This donation consists of the installation of a bench within a park where none existed before or where one is in need of replacement. Benches include engraved wording on the back, along with a pad of concrete beneath onto which the bench is mounted and secured.

New Bench ($700): Donate a new bench composed of composite material with personalized engraving and a concrete pad.
Picnic Table Donation
Donate a new picnic table!  This donation consists of the installation of a picnic table within a park where none existed before or where one is in need of replacement. A plaque including personalized wording is also included. Picnic tables are mounted onto concrete. 

New Picnic Table ($1,400): Donate a new vinyl coated mesh picnic table on a concrete pad in one of our parks.

Additional Donation Information

  • All trees and park furnishings donated through this program are the property of Midland Parks and Recreation and are maintained at the same level as the other furnishings and landscape elements within the park system.
  • Damaged or vandalized benches and picnic tables will be repaired in a timely manner by the Department.
  • Engraved language on all benches and picnic tables is subject to approval by the Department.
  • Midland Parks and Recreation Department manages the donation program. Not all the parks are suitable for new bench or picnic table donations. Available bench donation opportunities vary by project, park and request. Department staff makes all final decisions regarding bench location, style and availability.  
  • Once the particular park location and wording is approved by the Department, please allow approximately 3 three months for the installation to be completed once donation has been paid in full.
  • Park bench and picnic tables dedications have a life span of 15 years.  After that period, the furnishings will be available for renewal with first right of refusal given to original donor.  The department will make a reasonable attempt to reach the original donor through contact information originally submitted with the donation.
  • The Department will coordinate the donation and installation of your bench or other park furnishing according to policy and procedure.
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