City of Midland Labor Agreements

The City of Midland collectively bargains with six employee unions representing approximately 390 full- and part-time employees. The following current labor agreements document wages, benefits, and working conditions for each union.

  • Firefighters (2013-2016):  All sworn fire department employees except the Fire Chief
  • Police (2014-2017):  All sworn patrol officers and detectives
  • Police Command (2012-2015):  Police supervision employees, including sergeants and lieutenants
  • MMEA (2014-2017):  Professional and office support employees, including clerks, office assistants, library employees, accountants, water plant operators and building inspectors
  • MMSEA (2014-2017):  Operational supervisors, including supervisors at the water and wastewater plants, engineering, public services and parks departments
  • Steelworkers (2013-2016):  Equipment operators, sanitation operators (trash collection), mechanics, wastewater operators, parks/golf course employees and bus drivers