Neighborly Community

A Community of Neighbors
More than 85 places of worship represent most denominations. And when it comes to rolling up your sleeves to help out those in need, the Midland community rises to the occasion.
Our local United Way Volunteer Center recruits up to 2,000 volunteers each year, and the United Way of Midland County supports 25 community organizations with more than $4.1 million in community giving and the priceless donation of community members’ time and talents.

Many local businesses and non-profit organizations also have a hand in making Midland a better community for all citizens.
Midland has also been fortunate to have several foundations that donate to and promote efforts to help at the local level.  These foundations have made it possible to provide many business, cultural, and educational opportunities not only for Midland but neighboring communities and the state of Michigan as well.
5-September - Rising Up to the Heavens - 2010